• I live in Santiago, Chile
  • I was born on May 12
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male
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  • Man, i cant get over how detailed your creations are. The neon throne looks cool. But, your dragons are just... Amazing!

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  • I like that you are helping out on updating the Chaos Chest loot rotation, it is nice to see other people willing to help update the wiki (other than myself) every so often with the new updates and information. I might want to point out a few things you might want to keep in mind when working with the pages:

    If you are editing the normal Chaos Chest, would be nice to edit the Golden Chaos Chest as well since the Gold one is in the main page and people use the golden chaos chest page to look at only the rare loot. I want to make sure that the page majority of people are looking at is up to date with the page that is regularly visited. I'm not saying the normal chaos chest page isn't popular, but it would be logical to have both be updated.

    Also I see in your edits that you are removing the Special Characters (♦ and ) that I placed in the page to indicate weither the item is a rotation item or a semi perminant item. I'm not certain if this might be a bug with the Visual Editor (since I personally use the Normal/Source editor), however if that is the case l can report that and get it fixed. I just want to make sure that we have that in the list because in the future when we need to update the page, our viwerers will know that items rotate to different items every week and will not be confused when an item gets removed and not know why.

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    • I always forget about the golden chests, thanks for reminding me.

      About the special characters, I'm not intentionally removing them. It might be a bug.

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    • Hello again,

      I wanted to let you know that the special character bug was caused in my end by a chrome extension!

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    • A FANDOM user
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