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Meteor Chase is an event which features 11 Golden Thread quests, having the players follow a fallen "meteor" to gather various valuable resources it dropped.

It started on September 5, 2017, and lasted through September 18.

During the event, Pound Cakes outside of dungeons drop Special Robotic Salvage, Fireflies in the Medieval Highlands biome drop Unusual Meteorite Fragments, enemies in the Labyrinth dungeon in the Fae Forest drop Plasteel Plates, Blue Crabs in the Magical Atoll drop Power Plant Segments and Wild Cupcake plants in Candoria drop Otherworldly Fuel Drops. These can all be used to craft items needed to progress in the quests.

Using the resources earned from the quests will allow the player to craft the event-specific Scout Saucer mount at the S.O.A.R. T-2 Terminal.

List of Quests
Name Description How to get Reward
Something... in 3-Star Dungeons in the Permafrost  A fiery meteor streaks across the sky! Fragments are falling into the Permafrost. They might be valuable!
Dragons would be the fastest to intercept anything valuable, and those undead ones are really alert despite being, you know, dead. Look in 3-star dungeons for an Ancient Dracolich and see if it is hoarding anything interesting.
Defeat an Ancient Dracolich 3-star boss in the Permafrost biome in any difficulty world. Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box
Defeat Robowraith 2.0s in Neon City  It's some sort of black box data recorder! There are places to insert what looks like a battery, places to mount some sort of input/output device, and some odd spherical cavity. What was this doing in a meteor?
Fragments are also raining down on Neon City. Anything high tech would be grabbed by Robowriaths immediately, and held in their 3-star Dungeons. Conduct a fact-finding mission on their circuits.
Defeat five Robowraith v2.0 3-star bosses in the Neon City biome, in any difficulty world. Otherworldly Battery small Otherworldly Battery
Collect Special Robotic Salvage  We could cobble together a sort of projector unit to get data out of the Data Recorder if we had some special robotic salvage.
Poundcakes often contain just the very thing, but don't bother with the ones in dungeons; we need the sun-baked kind out on the flats. 100 pieces should be enough to construct a passable front end. Get to Candoria and have a cake-smash party.
Defeat Pound Cakes outside of dungeons in the Candoria biome until you have 100 Special Robotic Salvage. You can also buy them on the Player Marketplace to complete the quest. Double Experience Potion small Double Experience Potion
Acquire Unusual Meteor Fragments  There is room for a ball of metal in the center of the device. Looks like we need some alien metal to activate the device.
There are still meteor fragments falling in Medieval Highlands. Some creature there must have picked them up by now. Go beat on different things until you find one that is hoarding orange meteor fragments. Then beat on those things a lot more. We should be able to refine alien metal from them.
Defeat Fireflies in the Medieval Highlands until you have 50 Unusual Meteor Fragments, or buy them on the Player Marketplace. Bound Brilliance small Bound Brilliance x 5
Craft a Data Projector  We have everything we need! Just craft it all together in the Wheel of Seasons (under Eternal) in the Hub.
What stupendous secrets will it reveal?
Craft a Data Projector at the Wheel of Seasons. Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest x 3
Collect Plasteel Plates from the Fae Wilds  The combined device is a Data Projector, and it spurts into life with beams of light. A hologram whirls around you. It seems to be... no it couldn't be. Yes it is! These are the plans to construct a flying saucer!
The first step is acquire some special metal called plasteel. The device indicates that a number fell off the "meteor" over the Fae Wilds, right into a hedgemaze. Find this specific 3-star dungeon, and acquire plasteel from whoever has set up shop there.
Defeat enemies in 3-star Labyrinth dungeons in the Fae Forest biome for Plasteel Plates. The 3-star boss gives 60 plates, other mobs give less amounts. Lapis Luckbug small Lapis Luckbug x 2
Collect Power Plant Segments from the Magical Atoll  Your Data Projector displays a latticework of blue lines in the space around you. The next step is to reconstruct a power plant.
Go to the Drowned World. Seek out hard-shelled enemies in the Magical Atoll. They are the only ones who could contain such power. But they may also be enhanced by it.
Defeat 50 Blue Crabs on the beaches of Magical Atoll biomes in any difficulty world. Ninth Life small Ninth Life
Complete 1-Star Dungeons  Your Data Projector chugs with pleasure at your progress. It now requests a coil of Engine Components, which are strewn all over Trove.
Running 1-Star Dungeons will probably get you what you need.
Complete 30 Lairs Engine Component small Engine Component x 30
Collect Fuel Drops from Candorian Cupcake Plants  Now fuel is all that's needed! The "meteor", if that's the right word for it, was seen dripping some sort of fuel over Candoria. Some of the moist and delicious Cupcake plants there must have mopped up any spilled fuel. Keep harvesting them until you find enough. Harvest Wild Cupcakes plants in the Candoria biome until you have 30 Otherworldly Fuel Drops Gem Booster Box small Gem Booster Box x 5
Craft a Scout Saucer  The components seem to be in good order. Now, you just need to find a suitable place to craft it. The blueprint says to seek out a S.O.A.R. T-2 terminal, located in the Sky Realms, in the Radiant Ruins. Hmm. This may be tricky to find. Craft a Scout Saucer at a S.O.A.R. T-2 terminal found in the Radiant Ruins biome. Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x 25
Collect the Scout Saucer  You did it! You reconstructed a flying saucer from... an alien visitor who crashed to our world. But... who flew it here, and where did they come from?
And if they are scouting us, maybe we should scout them back? If only they had sent an Emissary.
Oh well, let's take this thing out for a spin.
Collect the Scout Saucer mount you just crafted Radiant Sovereign small Radiant Sovereign
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