Module Workbench

Module Workbench

Category Crafting
Type Crafting Station
Group Modules
Item ID
Craft discovery suit modules that will give you additional abilities in the Geode caves.
— Item Description

The Module Workbench is a crafting station used to craft additional Modules for Geode Cave exploration. The crafting bench can be found at the lower level of the Geode - Sanctuary hub world along with portals to the Moonglow Grotto, Sunken Sunvault, and Verdant Veins.


Used to Craft

Module Workbench small Module Workbench
Result Item (Quantity)
Thumper small Thumper Crystal small Crystal (130)
Thumper Core small Thumper Core
Gleamstone small Gleamstone (90)
Moonstone small Moonstone (10)
Dream Dew small Dream Dew (3)
Rocket Boots small Rocket Boots Crystal small Crystal (130)
Rocket Thrusters small Rocket Thrusters
Gleamstone small Gleamstone (90)
Blazine small Blazine (10)
Sun Sap small Sun Sap (3)
Barrier Generator small Barrier Generator Crystal small Crystal (320)
Shield Sparker small Shield Sparker
Moonlit Moss small Moonlit Moss (30)
Moonstone small Moonstone (30)
Acrobat Bark small Acrobat Bark (8)
Pathpainter small Pathpainter Crystal small Crystal (320)
Chromacycler small Chromacycler
Moonlit Moss small Moonlit Moss (30)
Geminite small Geminite (30)
Cave Kelp small Cave Kelp (8)
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