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Players using rocket boots at the start of their expedition.

Modules are stat additional gadgets that grant special abilities to the player while exploring in Geode's caverns. Players are stripped of their Trove world gear and must resort to these Modules due to the harsh conditions of the planet Geode. These modules aid in exploration, movement, and much more. Many of them can be used by default once unlocked;  however, some modules must be equipped at the start of an expedition and use  N-Charge energy. While many of the modules  are unlocked by default, some are unlocked/crafted while participating in Geode's expertise Golden Thread quest-line while using the Module Workbench. Modules are similar to gear in that they can be upgraded to grant additional boosts; This can be done at the Module Forge. These Modules max out at level 10 and grant Trove and Geode Mastery for every upgrade.

NOTE: These Modules do not work outside of the Geode caves.

Usable Workbenches

Item Description Use
Module Workbench small Module Workbench Upgrade your discovery suit modules to dive deeper into the Geode caves. Used to craft additional Modules.
Module Forge small Module Forge Craft discovery suit modules that will give you additional abilities in the Geode caves. Used to upgrade Modules.


Item Description Obtained
Omni-Tool small Omni-Tool A specialized module for harvesting Geodian blocks. Some cave creatures find its beam quite soothing. Granted to all players at the start.
Climbing Claw small Climbing Claw Grapple to any location within range. Can also be used to push cave creatures around. Granted to all players at the start.
GAS small GAS The Geodian Acclimation System will run out over time - upgrade it to stay in caves longer and explore deeper tiers. Granted to all players at the start.
N-Charge small N-Charge Provides power to most of the modules on a Geodian cave suit. Granted to all players at the start.
Thumper small Thumper Uses sonic pulses to reveal hidden crystals and show the location of buried ore. Crafted at the Module Workbench.
Rocket Boots small Rocket Boots Functions like a jetpack, but is obviously way cooler. Crafted at the Module Workbench.
Barrier Generator small Barrier Generator Shield that stuns aggressive creatures and blocks projectiles. Improves movement speed while active. Crafted at the Module Workbench.
Pathpainter small Pathpainter Transforms blocks under your feet into speed boosters that anybody can use. Crafted at the Module Workbench.
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