Moonglow Grotto Vault

Moonglow Grotto Crate

Category Item
Type Lootbox
Group Geode
Tradeable NoTrade emote
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Item ID
This crate contains Crystollogy materials normally found in up to Tier 3 of Moonglow Grotto.
— Item Tooltip

Moonglow Grotto Vaults are a type of lootbox that can be obtained rarely from Moonglow Grotto Crates. They contain a variety of materials normally found in Tiers 4, and 5 of Moonglow Grotto.


The following are the contents of Moonglow Grotto Vaults by rarity:

NOTE: Missing information.

Moonglow Grotto Crate small Moonglow Grotto Vault
Item Amount Rarity
Quirkstone small Quirkstone 9 Common
Queen Trumpets small Queen Trumpets 7
Lunarium small Lunarium 5 Uncommon
 ??  ?? Rare
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