Mushroom King
Category Mushroom Man
Primary Biome Medieval Highlands
AI Type Fighter
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk
Bomb small Bomb Uncommon
Mushroom Man Wall Trophy small Mushroom Man Wall Trophy Rare
Blueprint ID
Enemy Mushroom King

Mushroom Kings are melee boss enemies located in the Medieval Highlands Biome.


Like other fighters, Mushroom Kings run up to the player and punch them. They can also hit the ground too. (similar to the Knight's Smash ability.) The differences are that it inflicts double damage and has a wider range. However, it is also slower and easier to dodge. The mushroom king can use a charge attack with a long warning before attacking. This will also inflict 12x higher damage if it hits a player.

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