Mushroom Man
Category Mushroom Man
Primary Biome Medieval Highlands
AI Type Fighter
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim
Mushroom Chunk small Mushroom Chunk
Bomb small Bomb Uncommon
Mushroom Man Wall Trophy small Mushroom Man Wall Trophy Rare
Blueprint ID
— Mushroom Man
Enemy Mushroom Man

Mushroom Men are melee enemies located in the Medieval Highlands Biome.

Bosses with the Mushroom Master boss modification can summon Mushroom Spores, which turn into Mushroom Men if not destroyed first. These summoned Mushroom Men do not grant drops.

They have ranged variants that throw projectiles.

In the Medieval Highlands, there are harvestable mushrooms that look similar to these.


Like other fighters, Mushroom Men run up to the player and punch them. They can also hit the ground instead (similarly to a Knight's Smash ability), inflicting more damage and having a wider range, but being slower to use and easier to dodge.