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Mysterious Portal
Category Portal
Type Adventure World
Placeable Cornerstone
Club World
Item ID
Press [E] to enter... somewhere ominous.
— Item Tooltip

The Mysterious Portals are a set of four portals made for the Portal to Darkness event. They lead to the Atoll of Madness adventure world.

They can be crafted at the Wheel of Seasons using Shadowy Schematics.

They share their model and effect with Shores of the Everdark Adventure Portals.

Despite the Portal to Darkness questline being over, these portals can still be used to access the Atoll of Madness.


All Mysterious Portals share the same crafting recipe, though they must be crafted separately.

Crafting Station
Wheel of Seasons.pngWheel of Seasons
Ingredient(s) Amount
Shadowy Schematic.png Shadowy Schematic 10
Mysterious Portal.png Mysterious Portal 1