Necrofancy Pack
Ui store pack special tombraiser
Credit Icon 3,000
Grab the Necrofancy Pack to unlock the new Tomb Raiser Class! This nefarious necromancer has an undead entourage and a major bone to pick. Dispense destruction in style with fearsome costumes, spider mounts and a set of smoky Soulfire Wings.
Trove Store Description

The Necrofancy Pack is a class pack available in the in-game store for 3,000 Credits in the class section. During the initial release of the Tomb Raiser class, it was available through the deals section of the store.

It includes the Tomb Raiser class, Soulkeeper and Acidic costumes for Tomb Raiser, the Boneweaver and Spite Biter spider mounts, and Soulfire Wings.



  • The included mounts and Wings were a preview before it can be purchased in the store separately from the pack.
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