Neon City
All the realm’s aglow in the Neon City. Binary black skies and radioactive plasma surround its icy towers while steely sentries scout the ground below, computing the most efficient way to terminate your quest!

Neon City (also known to be called Data Spires) is a biome presented by the neon glowing "Tron" theme. It exists in Uber 3 leveled Adventure Worlds or higher and can appear in small patches or massive chunks of land. The item that can be obtained here is Robotic Salvage.

Neon City icon.png

Neon City biomes are displayed on the map as a navy blue biome with a watermark of a greyish circuit within the area of the map. This biome contains "Neon" grass (that gives Blue Primal Blocks) with darker shades of blue (that give Primal Purple Blocks) as dirt and grey as stone. There are smaller patches of data chips and core generators that act like grass from any other biome and can be broken to get Glim and Bombs. There's plasma that can be found anywhere in Neon City. When you touch it, your energy drains.

This highly technological world is full of futuristic city monuments that give more of a future world of trove. The land is filled with Plasma instead of water that can drain energy off of players. This biome is home to many robots such as Cyberdrones, Bladebots, and Punchbots.

This is the home of the Neon Ninja.


The Neon city is a vast metropolis created by the unknown. It houses dangerous robots and can be a hard challenge for young adventurers. It's harsh environment and powerful loot makes hardened explorers search for hours to find it. Some of the best loot is Robotic Salvage, used to make a PWN-E mount.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Grass 048, 051, 055 303337 Primal Grey small.png Primal Grey
Dirt 033, 035, 038 212326 Primal Blue small.png Primal Blue
Rock 024, 026, 028 181a1c Primal Grey small.png Primal Grey
Yellow Glow 245, 233, 039 F5E927 -
Green Glow 077, 248, 063 4DF83F -
Blue Glow 065, 199, 248 44C8F8 -
Pink Glow 215, 058, 248 D73AF8 -



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Glim small.png Glim
from data grass
Shapestone Ore small.png Shapestone Ore Robotic Salvage small.png Robotic Salvage
from ALL robotic mobs
Neon Recipe small.png Neon Recipe
from Neon Recipe Lairs
Bomb small.png Bomb
from data grass
Formicite Ore small.png Formicite Ore Mushroom Chunk small.png Mushroom Chunk
from Dark Mushroom King boss
- Primordial Flame small.png Primordial Flame - -


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair/Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Boss Cursed Skulls
Enemy Biped Cannonbot.png Biped Cannonbot Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Bladebot.png Bladebot Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Cyberdrone.png Cyberdrone Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Cyberian Android.png Cyberian Android Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Dark Mushroom King.png Dark Mushroom King Yes.png*
Enemy Flying Cannonbot.png Flying Cannonbot Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Punchbot.png Punchbot Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Robospider.png Robospider Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Spider.png Spider Yes.png*
Enemy Taseroid.png Taseroid Yes.png Yes.png* Yes.png
*Only found in specific lairs or dungeons.


2016-08-28 223316.png
Neon Cube
2016-08-28 222647.png
Radar Tower
2016-08-20 150722.png
Neon AT-AT
2016-08-28 224451.png
Neon Nexus
2016-08-21 143650.png
Neon Tank
2016-08-28 222909.png
Floating Data Spire
2016-08-22 165918.png
Neon UFO
2016-08-20 160322.png
Arcade Machine
2016-08-20 160348.png
Yellow Tower
2016-08-28 222733.png
Small Data Base
2016-08-20 163452.png
Neon Recipe Dungeon

Swarm Lairs

2016-08-28 222719.png
Neon Circle


Eco Spire
2016-08-28 224426.png
Neon Towers
Rubiks Cube
Hollow Cube
Trove station 9000
2016-08-30 154426.png
Game Controller
2016-08-28 222952.png
Futuristic tower


Holiday Tree overview.png
Christmas Tree (Snow fest)
Pumpkin (Shadows eve)

Removed Dungeons

Neon Tokyo


  • The Trove Station 9000 dungeon contains references to video game arcade machines such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Popeye (unconfirmed).
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