Ol' Boothilda
Crazy Boot lady

O'l Boothilda portrait


Ol' Boothilda ingame

Category NPC
Type Hero - Common
Biome Fishing
Model Boot
Location Club Worlds
(Rally of Heroes)
Visiting Hours 12 hours
Cost to Remove Clubit small Clubit x 150
Sleeping Hours Every 2 hours
Wakes After 1 hour
Waking Cost Clubit small Clubit x 1
NPC Ol' Boothilda

Ol' Boothilda is a common hero that can be spawned at the Rally of Heroes fixture in club worlds. They offer players adventures themed around Fishing that grant Adventurine and club experience for the club the adventure was taken from.


Ol' Boothilda grants players Fishing adventures.

Adventure List
Name Description How to Get Reward
Catch Fish or Items  Fish up some friends. Some muddy buddies. Any watery friends will do! Catch any 25 items by fishing. Adventurine small Adventurine x24
100 Club XP
Fish up Old Boots  Ol' Boothilda loves collecting Old Boots. Fish some up to add to her collection! Catch 3 Old Boots by fishing anywhere. Adventurine small Adventurine x36
150 Club XP
Fish up Jumping Jadefins  Fish up some shiny Jumping Jadefins. Ol' Boothilda thinks they would make a beautiful necklace! Catch 10 Jumping Jadefins by fishing in water. Adventurine small Adventurine x36
150 Club XP
Fish up Balefire Frenzyfangs  Ol' Boothilda needs some Balefire Frenzyfangs to heat up her bath.

Balefire Frenzyfangs can be fished up from lava.

Catch 10 Balefire Frenzyfangs by fishing in lava. Adventurine small Adventurine x36
150 Club XP
Fish Up Mint Choctacoises  Ol' Boothilda is hosting a tea party for her pet boots and needs some snacks.

Mint Choctacoises can be fished up in the chocolate lakes of Candoria.

Catch 10 Mint Choctacoises by fishing in chocolate. Adventurine small Adventurine x36
150 Club XP
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