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Olhukoi, the Moonlit Muse
Category Mount
Type Dragon
Group Ancestral Dragon
Designer Trove Team
Mastery 250 Trove Mastery logo.png
Power Rank 30
Movement Speed 90
Movement Speed 95
Glide 100
Item ID
Each night she takes wing, chasing away nightmares, comforting the sleepless, and lavishing inspiration on those burning the midnight oil.
— Item Description

Olhukoi, the Moonlit Muse is an ancestral dragon Mount that can be crafted at the Dragon Crucible using Moonsilver Dragon Egg Fragments.

Unlocking her will also grant the Moonsilver Dragon Spirit Permanent Stat Boost, granting 1,000 Maximum Health, 0.3% Critical Hit, 500 Magic Damage and 50 Magic Find.

Like most ancestral dragons, she cannot be unlocked via Golden Dragon Effigy.

Like other dragons, crafting her will unlock her directly into your collection, so she cannot be traded or crafted twice.


Crafting Station
Dragon Crucible small.png Dragon Crucible
Ingredient(s) Amount
Dragon Coin small.png

Dragon Coin 300
Flux small.png

Flux 25,000
Glim small.png

Glim 25,000
Moonsilver Dragon Egg Fragment small.png

Moonsilver Dragon Egg Fragment 50
Olhukoi, the Moonlit Muse small.png Olhukoi, the Moonlit Muse 1