One-starred bosses are bosses that players must defeat to complete one star quests. They are not as tough as Three-Starred Bosses, but still worth defeating.

One Star bosses can either be part of small Lairs, or one of two mini-bosses in Dungeons.

Defeating One-Star bosses in Uber Worlds (Uber 1 - Uber 5) will give players Shadow Key Fragments upon opening the chest they drop. Higher Uber Worlds will drop more fragments when defeating them.

Each biome has its own One-Star Bosses.

Recipe Lairs

  • Shadow Knight


  • Licorice Lasher
  • Cupcake Caliph
  • Cupcake Catapult
  • Sundae Cenobite

Cursed Vale

  • Boneblade Wraith
  • Viking King
  • Death Knight
  • Darkspore Hurler


  • Frozen Dracolich
  • Snowbound Strangler
  • Wight King
  • Yeti Lord
  • Abandoned Fridgebot

Medieval Highlands

  • Fungal King
  • Dire Wasp
  • Darkspore Hunter
  • Hungry Faterpillar
  • Razorwing Shearfly
  • Golden Scarab
  • Restless Dreadbones
  • Forest Taruntula

Dragonfire Peaks

  • Emberdrake
  • Molten Lord
  • Red Dragon

Fae Wilds

  • Dark Fae King
  • Dark Fae Queen
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Hungry Faterpillar

Treasure Isles

  • Pirrot Captain
  • Cursed Pirrot Captain
  • Sharkman Raider
  • Sharkman Shaman
  • Cursed Cannoneer

Neon City

  • Killtron Shootfacer
  • Aerotron Airbot
  • Super Punchbot

Desert Frontier

  • Cactote Warlord
  • Crazed Foreman
  • Malfunctioning Minerboss
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