Party Animal

Party Animal item

Category Consumable
Type Pinata
Tradeable NoTradeType emote
Item ID
Spawns a Party Animal when thrown. Defeating it will give something good to the person who throws it and 7 other random people nearby.
— Item Description

Party Animals are consumable items that spawn a Party Animal that will drop loot when defeated. They can be obtained when loot collecting the Mega Pinata, placing top 300 on the Weekly World Bosses Killed Leaderboard Contest (contest pinatas are however not tradeable), and buying 5 of them with 1 radiant sovereign from the Radiant Merchant.

Party Animals, once thrown, will drop randomized loot, but the loot will typically yield the following; Flux, Shapestone Ore, Formicite Ore, Block Recipes, Biome Recipes, rarely the Pin Head, Prancing Pinata mount, and a very rarely a Dormant Pinata Dragon Egg.


Used to Craft

Party Animal small Party Animal
Result Item (Quantity) Crafted in...
Party Ball small Party Ball Party Animal small Party Animal
Glim small Glim
Fun Factory small Fun Factory


These items were the original and first set of pinatas that introduced several themed pinatas in the future (mainly the seasonal and shadow pinata variants). Shortly after its release, Autumn Pinatas were introduced as the first seasonal pinata.

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