Back to Work Edition

  • Abilities can now always be used if there is any energy in the bar. Additional cost will cause energy to go negative and abilities to not be usable until it regens back to a positive value.
  • The Knight character model has been updated to reflect it being a 'heavier' class and to make more visual design space for future classes.
  • Items now show 'designed by' credits.
  • Bonuses to stats should now appear in the chat window when leveling up.
  • Block placement now has VFX.
  • Added town square to the starting zone.
  • Message boxes will no longer be closed by movement. This will prevent disconnect notifications from quickly disappearing if you were moving at the time.
  • Fixed some movement issues at high latency.
  • Your health bar now displays a number for your exact current health.
  • Placeable objects now face you instead of away from you when being placed.
  • Fixed some issues with saving, loading, and transfer of cornerstones. Also added logging to help diagnose any future issues.
  • Metal chunks can now be found exclusively in caves and cave like structures, and will only spawn with a new world.
  • Crafting stations now have a properly zoomed icon in the inventory. This icon will be improved in a future patch.
  • You now see whispered messages you send in your chat log.
  • Fixed some shader issues with ATI drivers.