Combat Feedback Improvement Edition

  • Added time dilation effect to player melee attacks.
  • Caves will now generate larger quantities of metal chunks on spawn.
  • Increased drop rate of equipment from NPCs.
  • Increased average rarity level of dropped equipment.
  • Relic-quality emblems with Health Regen will now generate values above 0.
  • Fixed stat-rolling bug where all items of the same rarity would end up with very similar stats.
  • New enemy healthbar! Enemy health bars are now 134.38% fancier - try them and see!
  • Seething Scimitar should now display correctly.
  • If there are a large number of torches in an area they will automatically produce fewer particles.
  • New items from Tribe, Chiara, Zap, Razkharn, Apjhouston, Pyro, qbicfeet, and JJXB are now in the game!