Building/Crafting Item Persistence and More Sharing Edition

  • All items in the Bulding and Crafting inventory categories will now persist across worlds and world resets.
  • All players in an area now get their own personal loot from monsters, chests, and harvesting nodes. This caps at the 8 closest players.
  • Gems no longer drop. Their special stats now come from emblems and monster health has been retuned to account for the missing damage.
  • Equipment in the inventory now displays a border indicating rarity (except Resplendent - rainbow tech coming soon).
  • Fixed an issue where some windows would be partially off-screen in window mode.
  • Combat feedback improved: time dilation on hit no longer roots the character, the flash is now more polished.
  • Players no longer start with grey blocks.
  • Resplendent drops are now more rare.
  • Fire flowers and ore nodes now drop one less of their respective resource types.
  • You can now take fall damage, this will deal up to 20% of your total health pool.
  • New slash command - /weaponpreview or /wp lets you test how a weapon blueprint looks in-game. See the Trove Creations subreddit for more information.
  • Added /showplayer and /hideplayer commands (for screenshots).
  • New weapons from Ruko, Silverwind, Tribe, Chiara and Razkharn.