Gunslinger Edition

  • The Gunslinger is now available! Purchase it in the store for Source or Credits and change classes in town.
  • Quests v0.1 are now in the game! Quests will notify you when one is nearby and will give experience, spawn a chest, and grant world stars on completion.
  • When the star bar is filled all players who completed a quest will get 50 Source.
  • Daily Source rewards reduced to 300 from 500.
  • Dropped swords can again destroy grass.
  • Chests will no longer be empty and all emblem types again drop.
  • Robotic deco recipes now require 50 robotic salvage down from 100.
  • Changed /suicide to /respawn
  • There are now tutorial statues near the starting spawn location.
  • Monsters and mounts now have footstep sounds and VFX.
  • The range of possible stats generated on resplendent- and shadow-rarity items have been squished together. Shadow items are now roughly the same quality as previous resplendent items, while resplendent items fall midway between relic and the new shadow.
  • Basic attacks from NPCs should now more accurately match animations.
  • Common Rank 6 NPCs now drop more legendary drops than previouisly. Rank 6 chests have a higher chance to drop resplendent.
  • Fixing issue in crafting window where it appeared you could craft more of an item after you had already crafted the maximum amount.
  • Fix for the class changer popping up a window for everyone nearby when used.
  • New community-submitted items from Ortish, qdarkness, Greymulkin, Gex, Ergonyx, and Tribe are in the game!