World Map Edition

  • New feature: World map! Press the 'M' key to display.
  • On the map you can see the hub, your cornerstone, yourself and other players, and where quests have been completed.
  • Fixed bug where sound doesn't play when landing from a jump; VFX now play when landing from a jump.
  • Fixed the Gunslinger's aim.
  • Rank 6 towers are now skinnier, slightly less tall, and have fewer NPCs.
  • Moving and shooting is now slightly slower with the gunslinger.
  • The "Learn" button will is now disabled for locked recipes if you don't have enough source.
  • Hooray! You can no longer walljump!
  • Wraiths should now be able to be hit on all parts of their body, instead of the bottom third or so.
  • Charged Shot projectiles now do more knockback.
  • Blast jump now does less block damage.
  • Companion pets will no longer block projectiles.
  • Dropped pistols now play all of the basic shoot VFX.
  • Some visual adjustments.
  • New items from Alethi, Gollum, Gater639, Tribe, dyldyl221, Ozmozis, and Zap have been added to the game!