Polishing Edition

  • Map facing now matches the character instead of the camera.
  • Fixing an issue in the Character Sheet where stats with 5 digits get truncated.
  • The character sheet will now update stats when you equip/unequip items without needing to reopen it.
  • Gunslinger bullets now pass through players.
  • Gunslinger bullets now pass through loot.
  • Added sounds to the Gunslinger's Charge Shot.
  • Guns spawn in the world as loot larger than previously.
  • Pushed out fog distance.
  • Improved golden torch visual.
  • New community items from Arkhero, Rokas, Squid, Cretoriani, fmcisaac, DiddyKonga, Yodax, QuantumVoxel, Dyzfunctional, Naatti, and Tribe have been added to the game!