Community Chest and Rare Drop Edition

  • The hub now has a community chest. Drop stuff off here for other players!
  • There are now rare drop decorations. Look for collectible Rare Bears and biome specific deco pieces.
  • Certain monster types will drop trophies.
  • Monsters also sometimes drop health potions, town portal potions, or bombs.
  • Rare drops increase in chance to drop the higher rank zone you're in.
  • Dungeons now have quests. Many small ones and a few big ones.
  • Towers are gone! We're in the process to introducing a new dungeon system (and one which anyone can contribute to), in the meantime we only have a single dungeon type.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Gunslinger's shots to appear in a slightly different location for other players.
  • Hopefully last fix to keep quests and quests rewards from sometimes spawning on top of trees.
  • Reduced total number of zone ranks down to 5 as part of ongoing world balance tuning (shadow items are gone for now, they'll be back).
  • Updates to player movement including jump, charge, and blast shot.
  • Smoothed camera movement - the camera should move much more smoothly now.
  • Adding text to the crafting dialog that tells you when you don't have enough space in your inventory to craft the selected item.
  • Fixed a bug in the crafting window sometimes the materials for more than one recipe was listed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could craft past the stack limit for an item you already had.
  • Now take up to 35% max health from fall damage up from 20%.
  • Map facing has been reverted to match the camera facing. People just like it better that way!
  • Fixed bug where players on the edge of a quest radius might not get credit for the quest.