Unicorn Edition

  • Sprinkles the unicorn mount is now available!
  • Sebastian and Stormy the horses are now available!
  • Cotton Candy the pet unicorn is now available!
  • Fixed a bug that made Gunslingers unable to shoot enemies up close.
  • When dropping items from your inventory you can now specify a number.
  • Added the base cornerstone block to the color changing machine recipies.
  • Added sounds to the Gunslinger's Blast Jump.
  • Items that give Jump can now generate higher values.
  • Removed description from Cubit, it will still show up in your inventory unless you clear it out completely.
  • Zone rank now clamps item rarity a bit more. It's now much less likely to "jump" a whole rarity level without magic find.
  • Posters and trophies no longer act like a block for player movement and don't let you stick stuff to them.
  • Bonus source! The first three times a day you contribute to and fill the star bar you get +100 bonus Source.
  • Reduced daily login bonus to 100 Source.
  • Dungeons are now slightly smaller and always have one boss quest.
  • Some visual adjustments.
  • Using /wp or /weaponpreview now reloads the model from disk so you don't need to restart.