Get a Head Edition

  • You can now change your character's head! Use /randomhead to get a new look. Note: many hats and masks will either not appear or appear too small temporarily, we need to remake them and this will be fixed in a future patch.
  • Leveling up now grants percentage bonuses to stats for most stats, instead of flat bonuses. More information coming to the character screen about these in the future.
  • Adding daily world cycling. Every night all old worlds will be destroyed and new worlds with a new set of parameters will spawn throughout the day.
  • There is now a message in the lobby screen which says what type of world today's world is.
  • You will now auto-equip the highest damage weapon available when switching classes.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Gunslinger unable to attack after trying to use a Charge Shot while in the middle of another attack.
  • Dungeon bosses should now stay in their room.
  • Reduced number of star bar fills which give bonus Source to 2 per day. Increased bonus amount for logging in to 150 and bonus amount per bar fill to 150.
  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly adjust the Gunslinger's aim when there was an object between the Gunslinger and the camera.
  • Quests will now reward higher-quality equipment from chests in rank 5 zones.
  • Squished the stat gain in all equipement from rank 5 zones and tuned health on monsters in rank 5 zones to match.
  • It is no longer possible to craft natural blocks (these were the ones destroyable by combat abilities).
  • A new grass colored block is craftable.
  • You can now enter a number of items to be crafted in the crafting window.
  • Fixed a bug where Sprinkle's sparkle could be left behind in the world.
  • Emblems should now have more magic find, more often.
  • Death particle effects now use the color of the NPC.