Welcome Back Atronos Edition

  • Fixed super annoying camera bug.
  • Fix bug where a mob can appear to have no health but will not die.
  • Golden Beetle now drops golden souls.
  • Golden Beetles are now more rare.
  • Some abilities will now be unlocked when a certain level is reached. The Knight's Charge and the Gunslinger's Blast Jump now unlock at level 3.
  • Added wall torches!
  • Reduced community chest capacity to 16.
  • Made a few changes targeted at improving framerate.
  • Bi-ped NPCs will now use their slam ability a bit less frequently, and its damage has been reduced.
  • Percent bonuses to stats given by class levels are now displayed on the character sheet.
  • Fixed a bug where player could get stuck at walking speed when using shield and switching to build mode.
  • The knight's dash attack VFX are 500% cooler.
  • Temporarily disabled world cycling.
  • Hats and face items should now all work correctly.
  • The boss quest defeated X will now appear directly over its dungeon marker on the map.
  • Weapon visuals now always map to a single rarity.
  • New deco now drops from the Medieval Highlands and Cyberian Tundra.
  • New items from Tribe, Cretoriani, Dyzfunctional, Qdarkness, Alethi, Congree, Littlebel, RKon, Valyou3, and Ballakottan have found their way into the game!