Persistent Equipment, Trading, Mining Laser, and Performance Edition

  • Equipment and items now persist across all worlds and patches.
  • Equipment now eventually becomes destroyed over time. All equipment lasts for three days (tracked per day logged in) before being too damaged to use.
  • Trading 0.5 is in! Visit the trading post. You can only trade one of a thing for now.
  • You now have a mining laser! This can be used by holding down the right mouse button in build mode. Visuals in progress.
  • The Lasermancy stat will improve the power of your mining laser.
  • Leveling up now grants much more power. Knights get up to 100% extra health and 50% damage and health regen. The Gunslinger gets up to 100% damage, 50% health, and 15% energy regen.
  • World blocks are now more resilient to combat attacks.
  • Performance improvements (especially for ATI users and people standing next to Xoruk's cornerstone).
  • Some enemies can now shoot, look out!
  • Updated VFX on melee weapons.
  • Dungeons no longer can be looted of their torches or other deco.
  • The tree fort dungeon now appears in all Medieval Highlands biomes.
  • Stats across rarities have been brought closer together.
  • Picking up loot and gaining XP now appear in their own section of the screen and not in the chat box.
  • Fixed a bug in the Inventory where dropping a piece of equipment would change the colors of the remaining eqiuipment.
  • In world tooltips are temporarily smaller than they should be, we're looking in to it.
  • New items from Liux, Miquail, Kalypsos99, Encounter, Ivulcano, Teal, Dok, Ryusei92, Crizo, Zap, Chiara, and Tribe have been added to the game!