Rainbow Tree Dungeon, Homeworld, Adventure World, and Personal Chest Edition

  • Folly's dungeon, the Rainbow Tree, is now in game!
  • You now have a personal Homeworld in which to build whatever you want. Give other people permission to modify them with /grant and remove it with /revoke.
  • There are now Adventure Worlds which only last as long as players are in them. Use the portals in the hub or craft your own to join one.
  • You can now craft the Trading Post and Class Changer. These can only be placed in a Homeworld or Cornerstone.
  • You can now craft a dimensional chest. This chest keeps anything placed in it safe and accessible from any other chest of its type.
  • Worlds will now load much faster!
  • Bosses and quest targets now have random additional properties. Currently there are two: extra fast or extra tough.
  • You now earn a Magic Find bonus whenever you kill an enemy, but lose the bonus when you die! This bonus caps at 50.
  • You can now chat with other users in the lobby and across multiple worlds! You can also join or create other channels by using /join <channelname>. Note that for now you will leave these channels when you change worlds.
  • Fix bug where typing in the chat window near a portal or other interactible would start an interaction
  • Fixed tooltip size issues.
  • Dropped recipes cannot be learned for now. Hang on to these drops.
  • Thanks to Cretoriani the golden torch is now improved and has a wall version.