Craftable Community Chest, New Hairstyles, No Foolin' Edition

  • You can now craft the community chest!
  • Crafting stations, portals, and the homeworld heart can now only be placed in a Homeworld.
  • Recipes now show up when using crafting stations even if you haven't unlocked that station.
  • Rank 5+ and 5++ portals now work correctly.
  • Legendary is now the base rarity for Rank 5.
  • Crafted blocks will now drop themselves when destroyed (instead of primal). All blocks have been moved over to a new format and therefore won't stack and in some cases won't work the same way as older blocks in your inventory and won't be usable for crafting.
  • Deco and crafted items now have rarities.
  • Chat channels now have colors.
  • Homeworlds now only show up in the lobby under the following conditions: they are yours, they have a player in them, they have more than 5 'faves'.
  • The mining laser now follows the reticule better.
  • Portals will now send players to new adventure worlds if the old one has been around for more than 15 minutes.
  • Added /timelapse for capturing screenshots over a period of time from a fixed location. It will use the current camera's viewpoint at the time the command was run.
  • New weapons, cornerstone decorations, and hairstyles from Dyzfunctional, JonThePlays, Timster, and PorcelainManiac have been added to the game!