Hide Your Hat Edition

  • New commands! /showhat will toggle hat visibility and /showface will toggle mask visibility.
  • A pass has been done on stability and knockback values for both items and NPC behavior.
  • Reduced damage and knockback of Gunslinger's Charged Shot.
  • Crafting is now tied more closely to your account, which should fix some bugs. We're still working on this so there might still be some issues.
  • Crafting stations can again be placed in the Cornerstone.
  • Pets are now smaller.
  • Adventure worlds now have one dungeon per two zones.
  • Overland quests now give more XP and stars.
  • The hub now acts a lot more like a Homeworld. The zones are all level 1, there are no quests or dungeons, and it eventually ends in a Sea of Regret.
  • The Knight now has a base +30% health.
  • New block crafting recipes now drop from a very rare special ore node. The crafting stations for these will be introduced soon.