More Loot and More Hairstyles Edition

  • Doubled the chance for recipe drops.
  • Doubled the impact of 5+ and 5++ on rare drops.
  • More than doubled the chance to get Pearls of Wisdom and other rare crafting drops.
  • Doubled the chance that common chests have of dropping rare loot.
  • New crafting recipes now drop from any monster in the frontier biome.
  • Added a new recipe drop, the fountain fish.
  • Attempted fix for some items being destroyed instead of added to the inventory when looted.
  • Undead zones will now drop more appropriately themed decorative objects and crafting items.
  • Trove should now start with the game window whatever size it was left the last time it was played.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes part of a Homeworld would be reset.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get insane amounts of +% health from exalting your equipment.
  • The map is now more zoomed out.
  • Adventure worlds are now larger.
  • Adventure worlds now occasionally have Cornerstones further in the world.
  • The horse mounts now cost less. The first time a player logs into the game they should be able to afford one of these mounts.
  • Newly purchased horse mounts now have less movement speed than other mounts.
  • New weapons, hats, masks, cornerstone decorations, and hairstyles from Folly, Miquail, SirDeccy, Carcipechi, Mokyu, Carlolz, BeeofAwesome, y2bcrazy, Paluche, Cretoriani, Sgat, Stick, Spritzo, Dyzfunctional and Tribe have been added to the game!
  • No, seriously, there are a lot of new hairstyles.