Bug Fixing Edition

  • Fixed an issue where /grant and /revoke where not always giving or taking world modification privledges as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a player could never log into their Homeworld after it failed to generate the first time.
  • Fix bug where NPCs appear to have no health, but do not die.
  • Infinium is now more common.
  • Recipe drops are now much much more frequent (roughly 5 times).
  • You can now craft a Frontier Workbench at the regular workbench. This has no default recipes but can be used to craft some dropped recipes.
  • Increased player name text size on worldmap.
  • Adjusted the camera - it is now slightly lower and starts more zoomed out.
  • The player model's collision is now closer to its actual size relative to the world.
  • You can now place the Forge and Deconstructor in your Cornerstone.
  • Low performance machines will now automatically start with lower settings.
  • The shadercomplexity toggle will now persist.
  • The Cave Mushroom King now has his own unique behavior.