Terraformation Edition

  • Terraforming is now live! Terraforming is a way to expand zones within a Homeworld and to change their biome type entirely.
  • The Worldspring is now craftable from the Silver Hearthcaster and will has all terraforming recipes.
  • The lobby has been polished to include a separate section for your homeworld (and in the future worlds you are a part of).
  • Using /homeworld no longer works, you must now craft and use a Homeworld portal to gain access to your Homeworld for the first time.
  • Homeworld portals are now considerably more expensive to craft.
  • The Gunslinger is now free! Not all classes will be free, but we wanted to give more choice to new players. Purchasers will have their currency returned to them in the coming days.
  • Increased the damage from the Knight's passive ability by a large amount and smash by a small amount.
  • Party Animal now drops infinium a bit more often.
  • /timelapsedungeon and /dungeon will add the .dungeon file extension if not present.
  • Fixed build mode proxy persisting when you exit a world.
  • Increased coolness of undead biome by 63.485%.
  • Increased hitbox size on quest target NPCs.
  • Lava is now available in the metaforge.