More Party, More Lair Edition

  • Party Harder! Packs of Party Animals are now on the store.
  • Base NPC attack damage has been significantly increased.
  • Special NPC attack damage has been reduced slightly.
  • Ranged NPCs now have 25% less health.
  • Recipe items now show a tooltip message if you've already learned those recipes.
  • Increased quest variety in all dungeons and lairs.
  • Increased the amount of variety in the mausoleum lairs.
  • Added the correct watertower lair to the frontier zones.
  • Staves now drop as equipment. Weird.
  • Fixed a bug where the Barbershop with mess with your display setting if you had hidden your face or hat display.
  • Equipment that previously dropped as common now drops as uncommon or higher.
  • Fixed bug where affix VFX didn't appear on bosses.
  • Reduced player name size on world map.
  • Reduce size of some NPCs.
  • Fixed /decopreview tooltip display.
  • Happy Birthday AtomicSmore!
  • New items from carcipechi, Cretoriani, AtomicHoagie, MugensBlade, and Arthuro have been added to the game!