Combat Tuning, Portal Hub, and New Currency Look Edition

  • Improved combat on uneven terrain - you can now hit enemies that are one block higher than you without jumping.
  • Increased knight's passive ability damage.
  • Increased health on boss targets and increased damage slightly on minions.
  • Reduced experience required in early levels to level and increased experience required at later levels.
  • Enemies now find new targets immediately after their old targets are dead.
  • Eyes and Tentacles now auto-loot.
  • Props when destroyed now auto-loot.
  • Hearthcaster is now known as 'Crafting Bench'.
  • The dimensional chest has been renamed to personal chest.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with Intel cards and tooltips not showing up.
  • Block loot is now spawned for blocks destroyed by explosions.
  • Loot messages now have better grouping.
  • New hub experience which includes more tutorials and a return of the portal tower, which also features the class change machine.
  • Portal and class changer recipes are now on the Formicite Crafting Bench (formerly the Silver Hearthcaster).
  • Fixed bug where block loot didn't rotate.
  • Warpseeds have a new look.
  • Currency icons (Credits and Source) have a new look.
  • Class Changer has a new look (thanks Cretoriani!).