Sporty Edition

  • Balls and sports are in! You can now craft a 'Fun Factory' at the Formicite or Infinium Crafting Bench. Like all Fun Factories, this one allows you to craft any number of balls.
  • Balls will detonate in a shower of colors on impact with a glow block, allowing the creation of goals.
  • Key bindings are now editable in %APPDATA%/Trove/Trove.cfg in the section [InputBindings].
  • Super Saturday! Saturday daily log in and star bar fill rewards are now tripled.
  • Surprise Sunday! Daily log in on Sunday now has an extra bonus surprise.
  • Mouse sensitivity is now configurable in Trove.cfg.
  • Made some adjustments that should help the recent 'lag' and also help out when people cannot log in - let us know if these issues persist.
  • Fixed a bug where you dismounted but still moved at mounted speed after using a recipe.
  • Players can now shoot through the Fae Trickster's doppelgangers and summoned staves.
  • More staff weapons have been added to the game!
  • Enemies now pathfind.
  • Uber 5 Enemies now do a lot more damage.
  • Enemies no longer gain aggro through walls.
  • The Hub now has some barbershops. They are by the fountain. The Hub now has a fountain.
  • It should now be more clear if you're terraforming the zone that you're standing in.
  • Recipes now drop more often and no longer drop at an increased rate in higher difficulties.
  • New items from Tribe, Cretoriani, ZENdog, Zap, Naturemon, AtomicHoagie, barneebrown, cptcooldog, JimbobxBubbaloo, MugensBlade, Paluche, Bex, eXcee, JacobTheCuddler, JuicySpleen and Cronck have been added to the game!