Hotbar Lookin' Good Edition

  • The new hotbar UI is in!
  • You can now automatically move items from your inventory to other windows (like the Forge and Deconstructor) using a right click. In the community chest or dimensional chest you can also move multiple items at once with Ctrl+Right Click.
  • Player health bars are now blue instead of red, so you can stop hitting friends in the face.
  • Fixed bug where tracks prevent you from walking through seemingly passable areas.
  • The star bar now fills slightly faster.
  • Leveling up is now 1000% more exciting. Your health is now fully restored and nearby enemies are knocked back when you level up in addition to new sound and VFX.
  • Crafting stations and other placed objects are now flagged as 'Common' - this means they will have a black name in the inventory and auto-loot on destruction.
  • The Gunslinger's charge shot now costs 20% less energy to use and has 20% smaller radius at max charge.
  • Spikes now knock up more and more reliably.
  • Fae Tricksters can now shoot immediately after throwing a glitter bomb.
  • Assault quests now give a bit more leeway.
  • Lair quests are now selected more randomly.
  • Fixed chat.