Pets, Mounts and Cornerstones Edition

  • Cornerstones V0.5 are now in! You can claim one, build on it, move it, and respawn at it. Persistence will be coming and it will not persist through the next server wipe.
  • A new type of currency, Source, is in! You will get 1500 the first time you log in and 500 every day you log in. Use it to buy stuff in the store and unlock recipes.
  • Pets are in! Buy them in the store, get them through supporting, or get one by opting-in to our awesome e-mail updates.
  • Mounts are in! Buy them in the store or get them through supporting. Press 'Z' to mount.
  • Crafting stations and unlocking recipes is in! Unlock recipes with Source and discover what you can make.
  • Better building! You can now place blocks along the edges of other blocks. Build mode now places on single click and remembers your selection if swap out of it.
  • Destroying placeable objects now uses correct VFX colors.
  • Fixing some uncommon issue with purchased items having the wrong status or sometimes not being delivered.
  • Fixed many instances where NPCs and players could fall into the world and possibly be stuck underground.
  • Removed armor and spell resist since they were mechanically equivalent to having more hit points but didn't feel as impactful as growing your health pool.
  • Mimics will now be more uncommon. Improved quality of loot dropped by Mimics.
  • Improved facing of visual display for items in the store and inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that could make the crafting sound continue indefinitely if the window was closed while crafting.
  • Harvesting node visuals have been updated.
  • You can now delete your character with the /deletecharacter command. Your account-bound items will be preserved and you'll be returned to the world like a newborn babe. Use this if you get stuck in an unfixable state.
  • Added some new rendering options in the config file [Rendering] DOF = true/false (depth of field effect. true by default. good one to turn off on low spec machines) ShaderComplexity = 0 - 5 (0 is good for low spec machines) FXAA = true/false (full screen anti-aliasing. true by default).
  • We've changed the icon for Credits.
  • Drop All should now properly drop all.