Patch - Leader of the Block Edition - 3/8/2016

Leaderboards are here!

Check out the new leaderboards to see just how awesome you really are! See who has the highest mastery, most blocks destroyed, most enemies killed, and more! Press K (default) to view them!

Events & Sales


Remember the Blitz 'N' Glitz costume pack? Shadow's Eve? To the Nines? They're all back in the rotating deals on the store! Also, check out three new player-designed costumes:

Paragon Wings

Paragon Wings have made their way into Trove! These high end (and high class) wings come in three flavors, find them on the Shadowy Market (Blue), the Weaver of Wonders (Green), and on the Battle Broker (Red)!

Battle Arena

  • Fixed a bug where multiple players would get the Flag-carrier VFX if they tried to pick up a flag simultaneously.
  • Minions now have colored shadows to indicate their team.
  • Lunar Lancers now have 55 movement speed when in Battle Arena matches instead of 70.

Misc Changes & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Fridays bonus was granting 50/100% of shadow shards, rather than 100/200% (for everyone/patron).
  • Fixed an issue introduced last week which caused the automatic spam filter to malfunction.
  • Fixed a weird bug where your store could get way, way too many tabs. So many that they'd spill over to the edge of your screen.
  • Extended the length of time you can be afk before you get kicked.
  • Added an invite button to the friends list that mimics the behavior of /joinme.
  • Removed text indications for lootbox karma--the bar works quite well
  • When in Do Not Disturb mode, friend requests will now go directly into your Friends window for you to accept later.
  • Moving when using a controller will now dismiss windows that keyboard movement would dismiss.
  • Fixed an issue where controller axis inversion worked in the opposite way it should.
  • Fixed an issue where moving a controller stick while loading could cause a crash.
  • Adjusted the wording on the Club Phone.
  • Fixed an occasional client crash that could occur while exiting the game.
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