Radiant Uber Dragons (with Badges) Edition

Arriving on 6/16/15!



  • The Azulian Dragon is the first dragon available via challenges, and will be available that way for a limited time!
  • Consume dragon souls to advance your dragon and increase their powers.
  • The Dragon Spirit will be added in a future update, and will grant passive benefits. There is one per challenge dragon type.
  • Dragon Caches are available via challenges and the store.


  • Challenges spawn at the top of the hour and last 20 minutes. You get points for completing dungeons and lairs with a 3X multiplier for Uber 5, 9X multiplier for Uber 6, and an additional 3X multiplier if you're playing one of the bonus classes chosen for you.
  • The more points you earn (within four progressive ranks) the more Dragon Caches you get.
  • Dragon Caches have Dragon Souls, materials to craft Dragon Souls, Dragon Coins, and a nice chunk of forging materials.


  • Badges are a collection type that unlocks as your tracked stats increase.
  • Badges currently go from bronze to gold, and grant mastery, Cubits, and in the case of Patron Points, fancy mounts!
  • In the near future, badges will go even higher and also unlock other collectables.
  • Stats tracked include:
- Friends acquired
- Quests completed
- Blocks destroyed
- Boxes opened
- Consecutive days logged in
- Total days logged in
- Stuff fished
- Patron points earned


  • Uber 6 portals can now be crafted and used. Uber 6 is hard.
  • Uber 6 can drop up to Shadow Level 3 equipment and has a higher chance of dropping other rarities as well
  • Shadow Level 5 equipment can now be forged.
  • Radiant equipment can now be forged as an upgrade from Shadow Level 5.
  • Radiant weapons have cosmetic VFX which can be randomized at the advanced forge for a nominal Glim cost.



  • Costume boxes can now be purchased in packs of 10! For the cost of 9!
  • Chaos boxes have been randomized. If you're lucky, you might get a Chaotic Clipper, Chaotic Cruiser ,a uni-cycle and more!
  • Azulian Dragon Caches (see above)


  • Equipment now counts towards required level.
  • Note: you can still join someone in a world or have them use /joinme
  • The minimum required levels to enter Uber worlds have been increased:
- Uber 2 - 12
- Uber 3 - 15
- Uber 4 - 20
- Uber 5 - 26
- Uber 6 - 32



  • Fixed uncommon server crash when using Boomeranger.
  • Boomeranger projectiles are now faster.


  • Added a move cornerstone Golden Thread objective.


  • Added a chance for Shadow-2 items to drop in Uber 5 adventure worlds.
  • All equipment now has a better chance to drop with additional forge quality stars.
  • The hub generates higher on the terrain now.
  • Small caterpillars no longer drop loot.
  • Ore should now spawn 'clumpier'.


  • Added item stats to consumable collection-unlocking items (like mounts, boats, etc.)
  • Placeable crafting machines now trigger the 'are you sure?' prompt when dropped on the ground.
  • SS Draconic, SS Dutchman, Chaotic Clipper, and Chaotic Clipper now trigger the 'are you sure?' prompt when dropped on the ground.
  • The SS Corgi and SS Dinghy clippers have been retrofitted with helms; you will no longer need to rely on pirate voodoo to steer them.


  • Deconstructing resulting in more than 9999 of a single item stack will now grant players the correct amount, instead of "just" 9999 of them.
  • Fixed a bug where mastery point text in tooltips were very hard to read.
  • Fixed a bug where many collectables showed 0 mastery points.
  • Fix for forging breaking if you were using a forge while it was removed from the world.
  • Fixed bug where quest triggers don't show instruction text; increased interactable area of quest triggers.
  • Fixed bug in compass FOV Changing aspect ratio now correctly updates compass.
  • Fae Boughskimmer should now give mastery correctly.
  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Source Spectre mask should no longer clip into hairstyles.
  • Summer Pin Head should now display its icon correctly when trading it.
  • Fixed a bug where water next to a cornerstone would not update after removing said cornerstone.
  • Polish to Radiant Temple Prism Quests Audio.
  • Onimous Totem audio - size increase.
  • Fixed bug where equipped starter weapons disappeared until relogging if you forge them beyond your current level.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when pressing the spacebar and enter key at the exact same time.
  • Color and lighting polish for tutorial, forest, desert, candy, undead, and peaceful biomes.
  • Fixed bug where portal tooltips are high above the portal.
  • Fixed bug where using the Rally Blade always toggled players being able to teleport to you and never teleported you to other players.
  • Fixed a bug where if you opened chat while loading your camera would remain free when other windows were open and it would be really annoying.


  • New Novice Highlands lair from Stedms.
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