Moonwing Rises Edition

Moonwing Dragon

Chaos Week!

  • Each Chaos Factor grants TWO daily Chaos Chests for this week!
  • You can view your Chaos Factor by clicking "Stats" in the Character Sheet (Default Key: C)
  • Squeakers the flying squirrel is back! Catch him in a chest while you can!
  • The Santa Barbarian costume is in the chaos chest this week. Get festive.
  • Chaos Chests now have Eyes at common and are more likely to result in eyes at uncommon.

Adventure Week!=

  • Bonus week! 3x drop rate of Adventure Boxes and all previous boxes are coming out of retirement.

Summer's End

  • Summer is coming to a close, and Summer Piñatas are all set to migrate to the Southern Hemisphere. For this week only, Summer Piñatas are 50% off! Get 'em now, because next week they'll be GONE.

Patron Pass

Shadow Tower

  • Killing Shadow Titans now spawns Chests which drop rare items and trophies!
  • Shadow Cache now reward an additional eye on average most of the time. The Eye Tome now grants 15 eyes up from 10 and the legendary one grants 400 eyes up from 300. The Shaper's Vision box now grants 3500 flux when it would have previously given 3000.
  • Leaderboards now show the same rank for players with identical times
  • The highest level boss available is now selected by default in the Shadow Tower UI


  • Trading now uses a two-step confirmation system to prevent trade scams.
  • Once your items are placed in the trading window, you need to 'Lock In' your trade.
  • Once both players have 'Locked In' their trade, they can inspect each item to verify the trade is what they want before clicking 'Accept.' When both players have accepted the trade it will go through.
  • If the player you are trading with changes their trade, then your 'Accept' is cancelled, and you will have to wait for them to 'Lock In' again before you can accept the new trade.


  • Added "Show Player Location" option in Settings>Miscellaneous. This will put coordinates above your Compass, showing you where you are in the current world.
  • Enemies spawned by the Clone affix no longer get affixes themselves. This prevents invaders from exponentially spawning clones.
  • Reduced the lifetime of clones and other affix adds from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed bug where consuming an item in your inventory that is split into multiple stacks consumed one item from each stack.
  • /zzz is now zzz-ier
  • /epicpose now hides player names
  • Crafting windows now update status after crafting to correctly show recipes based on skill level and/or available resources.
  • Combat Damage Numbers are now on by default. You can turn them off under Settings>Miscellaneous.
  • Players with the Lunar Lancer unlocked will now unlock the starter weapon style.
  • Added to Settings the option to invert camera for Controllers.
  • Fixed bug where enemy health bars were sometimes blue.

Player Creations & Styles

  • New mask styles by Handsome_Jacques, DKMoore, Aodahn, billybeatable, PixelArtler, Paluche, BrianVI, Humpypants, Delvulria, ShiKilL, Knightlock, Stedms, necrocake, pixieNpixels, Pumkmine, Ampitere, AceGonzalez, Spectral_Force, Scheurmuis, DakotaSpine, Zwatchdog, Phantomizer, Topodic, GadgetCAT, Alaskan, Nyantaman, Silk, Qoaleth, Zilten, Acculluz, Dusty_Mustard, Indal, Karrut, L0rdkratos, CreepnChristian, GogestickCJ, yuhsiang4545, BforBrujah, HeavenlyDemon, HaruFenix, Xeof, Anzy, TheLiteralBest1, Forgive, NightSister, Pookii, Kevanxhu, Marton, Zimanta, Wiznet, and Punkshadow97 have been added to the game!
  • The appearance of the Ancient Shadowseeker bow from the Radiant Ruins was a duplicate and has been changed into a new style. You will however have to collect it again since our style-o-morphic tech isn't quite ready.


  • The Trove Store's Account Management button now directs your browser to account management on Mac.
  • Fix Shadow Tower Leaderboards sometimes not populating on Mac.
  • Command+Tab now minimizes Trove when fullscreen to give you access to the desktop.
  • Disabled fallback to software rendering on Mac clients when using features unsupported by the current graphics hardware or driver. This may result in a FPS increase for certain users but may cause visual artifacts for the same users.
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