Patron Pass is a feature found in the trove Store under the "Patron" tab. Players can also check their current Patron Pass time from the Glyph launcher or on the Glyph site under "Account" information. Purchasing Patron Pass (not including the tradeable coin) should give players Patron Points.

Patron Pass grants users special in-game bonuses for a period of time.

Several packs exist, one for $5.49 USD/15 days, $9.99 USD/30 days, $26.97 USD/3 months ($8.99/1 month), $47.94 USD/6 months ($7.99/1 month), and $83.88/1 year ($6.99/1 month). The only difference in these packs is how long the Patron Pass lasts. There are also other, untradeable 15-day Patron Coins that can be bought using Credits small 850.


Patron Pass will grant players the following bonuses:

After your Patron Pass expires, these bonuses will no longer be available to you unless purchased again.


  • Beta-players who played before the 7/7/15 launch were granted 14 days free Patron Pass. This is also extended for some players by 3 (or 6, if players made an in-game purchase through the shop since then) days.
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