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The Peaceful Hills (also known to be called Peaceful Field) is a Prime World biome that is usually the center hub and the starting zone of the world. In this biome, no enemies will spawn (with the exception of invaders like the Shadow Giant). In this zone, there are many Cornerstones for the players to build their homes. The only structure that spawns in the Peaceful Hills is the Sun Lair, but the Outpost of Light is always in a Peaceful Hills biome as well.

Peaceful Hills show up on the Map (M) as a dark green biome with a darker green sunflower background.


The origin found in the Journey's Beginning biome

Another variation of this region is called Journey's Beginning. Somewhere within this biome lies what seems to be the origin of the world contained in the server it is in. This small cornerstone-sized place holds a Rally Blade (but only one), and a Hub Portal. It is also completely indestructible. Apart from that, it seems like just more of the Peaceful Hills biome, with the abundance of Cornerstones, same map appearance, and all. It is unknown, but likely not possible, whether Sun Lairs can be found in Journey's Beginning, however. [Further information needed]

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Grass 142, 133, 4 8E8504 Primal Green small Primal Green
Dirt 45, 38, 24 2D2618 Primal Grey small Primal Grey
Rock (Layer 1) 71, 70, 55 474637 Primal Grey small Primal Grey
Rock (Layer 2) 60, 53, 42 3C352A Primal Grey small Primal Grey
Green Tree (Foliage 1) 50, 86, 14 32560E Primal Green small Primal Green
Green Tree (Foliage 2) 57, 93, 21 395D15 Primal Green small Primal Green
Red Tree (Foliage 1) 87, 8, 8 570808 Primal Red small Primal Red
Red Tree (Foliage 2) 118, 12, 11 760C0B Primal Red small Primal Red
Tree (Bark) 71, 61, 45 473D2D Primal Orange small Primal Orange


Peaceful Hills biomes only house the Sun Lair (and the Pumpkin Lair during Shadow's Eve).

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