Denizens of the Permafrost expanse have a frosty attitude (and an ice chip on their shoulder). If you can excuse their chilly demeanor, there’s a lot of beauty (and treasure!) to be found in the snow. Just be wary of hypothermia, or you might start seeing robots and spaceships, too!

Permafrost (also known to be called Frozen Wastes, Icy Hills, and Dead of Winter) is a Biome presented by the icy cold Wasteland theme. It exists in any Adventure Worlds Permafrost world (blue portal) or higher and can appear in small patches or massive chunks of land. The items that can be obtained here that are randomly generated are Bottles as well as Glacial Shards.

Permafrost icon.png

Permafrost biomes is displayed on the map as a white biome with a watermark pattern of a snowflake patterned within the area of the map. This biome consists of snow blocks that drop Primal Blue Blocks for dirt and Grey for stone. Unlike most biomes, there are no signs of grass that would give players Glim.

This biome is made up of large scale frozen structures to give it a "snow and frost filled" world to Trove. The Permafrost are home to many different frozen themed monsters with a few mobs originating from the Cursed Vale.

This is the home of the Ice Sage.


The Permafrost is so cold its denizens are encased in ice. At least, that’s what one grizzled explorer said who claims to have visited its frigid landscapes. Most think he’s crazy, though, because he said there were robots and spaceships, too. Glacial Shards are found only in this area.

Rumor has it that these abandoned spaceships carried an alien race which was called "The Icelanders". They always carried some necklaces made of ice. It is said that the ancient Trovians thought that they were hostile, so they imprisoned them in Primal Blocks and scattered them around Permafrost. They also say that their remains have long been rotten but pieces of their Ice Necklaces are still intact, trapped in these blocks. Who would believe that though? It's just a rumor after all.

Snow-covered ice coats the landscape in the Frozen Tundra. Depending on which sort of tundra you find yourself in, you could be equally as likely to see towering robotic structures or crashed spaceships as you would more expected features, like ice formations. Decoration items from the Frozen Tundra should fit into one of two main themes: robotic or wintery. Thematic overlap is fine too! Wintery objects could range from ice sculptures to a doghouse-sized igloo to snow-covered versions of objects from other biomes. Robotic decoration is pretty open-ended, but it’s important that it has a some flavor or style… think Futurama by way of a voxel editor.

Weapons from this biome should be themed along the same lines as the decorative objects. Icy or frozen versions of traditional weaponry work well here, as well as weapons that would only fit in science-fictiony or futuristic settings.

Biome Colors

Element (R, G, B) # Color Primal Block
Snow 218, 232, 240 dae8f0 Primal Grey small.png Primal Grey
Ice 173, 222, 246 addef6 Primal Blue small.png Primal Blue
Rock 133, 138, 140 858a8c Primal Grey small.png Primal Grey
Metal 093, 091, 104 5d5b68 Primal Grey small.png Primal Grey



From Environment From Ore Veins From Enemies From Lairs/Dungeons
Bottle small.png Bottle
from Bottle Plants
Shapestone Ore small.png Shapestone Ore Faerie Dust small.png Faerie Dust
from Snow Spirits
Permafrost Recipe small.png Permafrost Recipe
from Permafrost Recipe Lairs
Formicite Ore small.png Formicite Ore
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
Sticky Ichor small.png Sticky Ichor
from Ice Beetles
and Polar Worms
Infinium Ore small.png Infinium Ore
Only in Elite worlds or Higher
Robotic Salvage small.png Robotic Salvage
from Fridgebots
Golden Soul small.png Golden Soul Bleached Bone small.png Bleached Bone
from undead mobs
- Glacial Shard small.png Glacial Shard - -


Enemy Natural Spawn Lair Spawn Dungeon Spawn Lair Boss Dungeon Boss Cursed Skulls
Enemy Ancient Viking Skeleton.png Ancient Viking Skeleton Yes.png
Enemy Bitter Snow Spirit.png Bitter Snow Spirit Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Crystal Spider.png Crystal Spider Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Fridgebot.png Fridgebot Yes.png (only in special dungeon) Yes.png
Enemy Frost Wight.png Frost Wight Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Frozen Dracolich.png Frozen Dracolich Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Ice Beetle.png Ice Beetle Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Polar Worm.png Polar Worm Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Rimetalon.png Rimetalon Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Snowblind Strangler.png Snowblind Strangler Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Stark Snow Spirit.png Stark Snow Spirit Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Tentacle Terror.png Tentacle Terror Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Wight King.png Wight King Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Wight Runecaster.png Wight Runecaster Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Enemy Yeti.png Yeti Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png


2016-08-28 223846.png
Floating Crystals*
2016-08-20 150012.png
Frozen Fountain*
2016-08-20 145803.png
The Smite Sword
2016-08-08 191714.png
Igloo Dungeon*
2016-08-20 211019.png
Frost Hall
2016-08-08 200331.png
Snow House*
2016-08-20 145849.png
Frozen Crystal*
2016-08-20 205010.png
The Homestead
2016-08-28 223905.png
Frozen Ruin
2016-08-20 150810.png
Frostflake's Lair
2016-08-20 151028.png
2016-08-20 205106.png
Permafrost Recipe Lair*

*Unconfirmed Names

Swarm Lairs

2016-08-08 200406.png
Excavation Site


2016-08-21 144122.png
Frozen Cathedral
2016-08-21 135605.png
2016-08-20 145912.png
Globe of the Ice Queen
2016-08-24 160346.png
Abandoned Mines
2016-08-20 163148.png
Cloud Island
2016-08-20 213821.png
Frigid Halls
Image TBA Ice Towers


2016-12-25 192953.png
Evergreen Dungeon
Image TBA Pumpkin Lair
(Shadow's Eve)

Removed Lairs/Dungeons

Dungeon Eco Spire.png
Eco Spire


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