Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea

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Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea ingame.png

Category Mount
Type Long Dragon
Group Legendary Dragon
Designer Trove Team
Mastery 250 Trove Mastery logo.png
250 Geode Mastery logo.png
Power Rank 30
Movement Speed 90
Movement Speed 95
Glide 100
Item ID
She cultivates and conserves the strange fungal ecosystems of the Geode Topside.
— Item Tooltip

Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea is a legendary dragon mount that can be crafted at the Dragon Crucible using a Sandseasower Dragon Egg Fragments. It can also be unlocked instantly using a Golden Sandseasower Dragon Egg.

Unlocking it will also grant the Sandseasower Dragon Spirit Permanent Stat Boost, granting +1,000 Max Health, +3% Attack Speed, +0.2% Critical Hit, +250 Physical Damage and +50 Magic Find.


Crafting Station
Dragon Crucible small.png Dragon Crucible
Ingredient(s) Amount
Dragon Coin small.png

Dragon Coin 300
Flux small.png

Flux 25,000
Veridium small.png

Veridium 3,000
Nitro-Glitterine small.png

Nitro-Glitterine 500
Sandseasower Dragon Egg Fragment small.png

Sandseasower Dragon Egg Fragment 100
Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea small.png Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea 1


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