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Pinata Coin

Pinata Coin

Category Currency
Type Pinata
Item ID
Your ticket to a magical journey!
— Item Tooltip

Pinata Coin is a type of currency used to buy various celebration items. These can be obtained by defeating Shadow Pinata Invaders and/or Celebratory Pinatas. These coins can be spent on Pinates the Purveyor.

Used to Buy

NPC Pinates the Purveyor Pinates the Purveyor
Item Cost (Quantity)
Pinatataur small Pinatataur Pinata Coin small Pinata Coin (1,000)
Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg small Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg Pinata Coin small Pinata Coin (2,000)
Hyped-Up Pinata small Hyped-Up Pinata Pinata Coin small Pinata Coin (2,000)
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