Pink Cookiephant
Category Mount
Type Horse
Group Adventure Box
Tradeable Trade emote
Designer FriedSushi
Mastery 50 Trove Mastery logo
Movement Speed 90
Item ID
Its previous owner took a bite out of it, and is no more. Don't make the same mistake.
— Item Tooltip

The Pink Cookiephant is an Adventure Box Mount that is obtained rarely in Cookiephant Adventurer's Chest. This and the Blue Cookiephant were one of the very first Adventure Box Mounts to be released in the game and were introduced in the new Adventure Boxes.


This mount, along with the Blue Cookiephant and Scoops was created by the user Fried Sushi. These mounts were originally called 'Crumbo the Elephant Cookie Mount.' You can view the original thread here.

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