The Marketplace Interface

The Player Marketplace is an in-game feature that allows players to buy and sell items with each other anonymously.

The Interface

Players can access the market my pressing pressing "U" on PC, or bring up the menu on other devices to open up the Marketplace interface. There are two tabs near the top of the window: "Buy" for purchasing items from players, and "Sell" for listing your own items for profit.


Players can purchase a wide variety of goods from the Marketplace. While on the "Buy" tab, you can filter the search of an item by type (i.e. Allies/Blocks/Costumes, etc.), by currency used to buy the item, or by searching for the item directly. Items will be listed from least to greatest overall price. Once an item is bought, the item will appear in the users inventory.

(Note: There is no price regulation/price ceiling on goods, and all prices are at the player's discretion. Some goods may be priced at a much higher expense then the commonalty/value of the good.)


To sell an item, click the "Sell" tab, open your inventory and drag the item into the "Create Market Sale" slot, choose which currency you want to sell your item for and the price. Once completed, click the "Create" button to list your item on the market. When your item is sold (you will have a notification appear in the chat when it is), go back to your sell tab and click "Claim" under the sold item to get your payment.

Any item that have been in on your market place slot for more than one week, will be expired and you take nothing back.

All players start off with one free sell slot, with additional sell slots costing 200 credits or 2500 cubits per slot.

Currency and Items

Players can choose from different in-game currencies to buy/sell their items:

Players can choose from a multitude of different goods to buy/sell (with the exception of Weapons & Rings):

Tips for Buying/Selling on the Marketplace


  • Flux is the most commonly used currency to buy/sell items, and is considered worth more than Penta-Forged Shadow Souls. When trying to buy items off the Marketplace, make sure you have a large amount of Flux, as the majority of items are sold in it.
  • As stated above, items are sold at player discretion. Some items may be sold at a much higher price than their value, so make sure you're purchasing items for a reasonable price.
  • Take into consideration that all items, regardless of quantity, are listed in price lowest to highest. Some items sold "in-bulk" may be listed farther back to adjust to the quantity of the good being sold. If you wish to find the best item per flux ratio for your desired item, tick the box "Sort by unit price"


  • To make a quicker and easier profit, list items for a cheaper price then expected. These "deals" will be listed ahead of others, will be quickly noticed in contrast to other items sold, and will most likely be purchased much faster than if you price it regularly/above value.
  • Selling items for a higher price than it's initial value will make it more difficult to be sold. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and try to sell you item at a reasonable price, and it will be purchased at a higher rate then if you priced it expensively.
  • Make sure you know, or have a clear image, of the demand of the item. Items that are higher in demand will be sold quicker than items lower in demand. An item, such as an Old Boot, will most likely never be sold and waste slot space unlike an item such as Infinium Ore, which is well needed for many advanced recipes and more difficult to obtain.
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