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Power Rank is a leveling system that increases based off of acquisition of additional stats. Players will be able to show off their power based off their Class & Subclass Level, Gems, Equipment, Allies, Vials & Emblems, Ancestral & Legendary Dragons, and lastly, Mastery Rank. The sigil, which is a visual representation of one's Power Rank and Mastery Rank, will change in direct correlation to one's own Power/Mastery Rank, with the shield signifying the Power Rank Level and the wings signifying the Mastery Rank Level.



The appearance of a player's sigil is based on their current Power Rank and Mastery Rank. Power Rank is more dynamic and can be lowered or raised at will with the exception of Points gained from Class & Subclass Levels, unlocked Dragons, and Mastery Rank. Juxtaposed with Mastery Rank which is fixed and cannot be lowered once raised. Increasing Mastery Rank will incur a permanent Power Rank boost of 2 points. As such the wings can never be lowered a Level but the Power Rank can (to a degree) and the Shield component of the sigil will change accordingly to reflect the player's new Power Rank.


The shield of the sigil changes based on the player's Power Rank.

Power Rank 1 - 249 Power Rank 250 - 549 Power Rank 550 - 899 Power Rank 900 - 1,199 Power Rank 1,200 - 2,499 Power Rank 2,500 - 4,999 Power Rank 5,000 - 7,499
Power Rank lvl1.png
Power Rank lvl2.png
Power Rank lvl3.png
Power Rank lvl4.png
Power Rank lvl5.png
Power Rank lvl6.png
Power Rank lvl7.png
Power Rank 7,500 - 9,999 Power Rank 10,000 - 14,999 Power Rank 15,000 - 19,999 Power Rank 20,000 - 24,999 Power Rank 25,000 - 29,999 Power Rank 30,000 - 34,999 Power Rank 35,000 - 39,999
Power Rank lvl8.png
Power Rank lvl9.png
Power Rank lvl10.png
Power Rank lvl11.png
Power Rank lvl12.png
Power Rank lvl13.png
Power Rank lvl14.png
Power Rank 40,000+
Power Rank lvl15.png


The wings of the sigil are based on the player's Total Mastery Rank (Trove + Geode Mastery).

Mastery 1 - 9 Mastery 10 - 29 Mastery 30 - 49 Mastery 50 - 74 Mastery 75 - 99 Mastery 100 - 149 Mastery 150 - 199
Mastery Rank lvl1.png
Mastery Rank lvl2.png
Mastery Rank lvl3.png
Mastery Rank lvl4.png
Mastery Rank lvl5.png
Mastery Rank lvl6.png
Mastery Rank lvl7.png
Mastery 200 - 249 Mastery 250 - 299 Mastery 300 - 349 Mastery 350 - 399 Mastery 400 - 449 Mastery 450 - 499 Mastery 500 - 549
Mastery Rank lvl8.png
Mastery Rank lvl9.png
Mastery Rank lvl10.png
Mastery Rank lvl11.png
Mastery Rank lvl12.png
Mastery Rank lvl13.png
Mastery Rank lvl14.png
Mastery 550 - 599 Mastery 600 - 649 Mastery 650 - 699 Mastery 700 - 749 Mastery 750 - 799 Mastery 800 - 849 Mastery 850 - 899
Mastery Rank lvl15.png
Mastery Rank lvl16.png
Mastery Rank lvl17.png
Mastery Rank lvl18.png
Mastery Rank lvl19.png
Mastery Rank lvl20.png
Mastery Rank 121.png
Mastery 900 - 949 Mastery 950+
Mastery Rank 122.png
Mastery Rank 123.png

Earning Points

There are many methods involved in obtaining Power Rank points, with each having varying degrees of effects ranging from large to small boosts.

Methods Involved

Method Reward Category
Class Level Up (EXP). +15 (per level). Class Level
Using a Subclass +15 (per 5 subclass levels). Subclass Level
Equipping Emblems and a Vial +50 Per emblem and vial (With the exception of the default flask). Equipment
Increasing Gear Level or Star Quality The amount of points gained varies on the quality of the gear. Equipment
Equipping Rings The amount of points gained varies on the quality and level of the ring. Equipment
Adding bonuses to stats for gear
(Pearl of Wisdom).
The amount of points gained per pearl varies on equipment quality. Equipment
Equipping Allies
(Points gained varies per ally).
+ 5 / 20 / 75 * Allies
Mastery Rank +2 Per Rank earned. Mastery Rank
Equipping Gems The amount of points gained varies on the quality and level of the Gem.
(Empowered Gems have a much higher Power Rank threshold than their Lesser Gem counterparts and come with varying effects).
Obtaining Dragons
(Stat boost only).
+30 Per Ancestral/Legendary Dragon unlocked. Mounts
Primordial Dragons
(Stat boost only).
10% Increase to Power Rank from Gems of that Dragon's Type. ** Mounts

* Depends on the ally; check power levels in the Allies page for list of points per ally.

** Primordial dragons will influence your power rank differently see Primordial dragons.

Points from worn Equipment

Worn Equipment such as Hats, Weapons, Faces, and Rings can contribute many points as players progress through the game and provide them with stats that can grant them and edge in combat or increase the effectiveness of their play-style.

Equipment Quality

Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆ ★☆☆☆☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
Common 1 2 3 4 5 6
Uncommon 7 8 9 10 11 12
Rare 13 14 15 16 17 18
Epic 19 20 21 22 23 24
Legendary 25 26 27 29 30 32
Relic 33 34 36 38 40 42
Resplendent 43 45 48 50 53 55
Shadow 55 58 61 64 68 71
Shadow Level 2 69 73 77 81 85 89
Shadow Level 3 87 92 97 102 107 113
Shadow Level 4 115 121 128 135 142 149
Shadow Level 5 155 164 173 182 192 201
Radiant 210 222 235 247 260 273
Stellar 600 639 694 740 744 834
Crystal Level 1 800 866 932 998 1064 1130
Crystal Level 2 850 920 990 1060 1130 1200
Crystal Level 3 900 974 1048 1122 1197 1271

NOTE: Pearls are not being accounted for. All indicated values shown only display the base Power Rank for each Star Level.


Rarity Points
Uncommon 13
Rare 19
Epic 27
Legendary 36
Relic 48
Resplendent 63
Shadow Level 1 81
Shadow Level 2 102
Shadow Level 3 130
Shadow Level 4 172
Radiant Level 1 232
Radiant Level 2 246
Radiant Level 3 273
Radiant Level 4 341
Stellar Level 1 897
Stellar Level 2 919
Stellar Level 3 942
Stellar Level 4 964
Stellar Level 5 987

NOTE: Rings cannot be leveled up or improved in any way and will remain with the Level and Stats they dropped with.


Gems are the most dynamic of any method in obtaining Power Rank, ranging in rarity from Common, with a maximum level of 3, to Stellar, with a maximum level of 25.

They are the greatest source of Power Rank in the game; when perfected, they provide a grand total of 23,044 Power Rank (Note: Primordial Dragons give additional Power Rank. With maxed gems, each dragon gives an additional 575 Power Rank, for a total bonus of 1725. This bonus Power Rank is reflected on the character's gems tab, but is not actually provided by the gems).

There are three types of gems, each affecting the player differently. There are also four Elements that the gems can come in: Water, Air, Fire, and Cosmic.

Type Effects Gem Specifics
Lesser Gems Lesser Gems don't offer anything particularly unique. The one exception to this is Cosmic Gems which carry a Light stat which is unique to Cosmic Gems alone. Lesser Gems provide a total of 14,040 Power Rank when maxed - this is about 60% of all the Power Rank obtained from Gems.
Empowered Gems The Air, Water, and Fire element types can carry the following effects: Explosive Epilogue, Volatile Velocity, Cubic Curtain, Mired Mojo, Pyrodisc, Stunburst, Spirit Surge, and Stinging Curse.

Effects unique to the Cosmic element type are as follows: Flower Power, Empyrean Barrier, Vampirian Vanquisher, and Berserk Battler.

Empowered Gems provide a total of 9,004 Power Rank when maxed - this makes up the remaining 40% of Power Rank obtained from Gems. They differ from their Lesser counterparts by providing unique effects in combat and granting more Power Rank. However, only one Empowered Gem of a specific name/effect can be slotted at any given time, regardless of the Element type.

Class Gems

Class Gems act much in the same way as Empowered Gems, giving players a unique modification specific to their current class. As such, no two classes are ever going to share the same effects, though there may be some similarities in how they work. This also means there are exactly 16 unique Class Gem effects. Class Gems only come in the Air, Water, and Fire element types.

They are as follows:

Hero's Mantle (Vanguardian)

Dino Time (Dino Tamer)

Green Gatling (Chloromancer)

Shadow Lancer (Lunar Lancer)

Aegis Assault (Revenant)

Beckon Banshee (Tomb Raiser)

Bawk-Bomb (Boomeranger)

Burning Ward (Dracolyte)

Overcharged (Gunslinger)

Heuristic Haxstar (Neon Ninja)

Scoop n' Gloop (Candy Barbarian)

Fae-go my Ego (Fae Trickster)

Shadow Blitz (Shadow Hunter)

Pain Freeze (Ice Sage)

ARR-Artillery (Pirate Captain)

Spirit Squire (Knight).

Class Gems differ from Empowered Gems in the sense that they cannot be obtained in the same way an average Empowered Gem would be. Instead, players must obtain Class Gem Keys which can be used to open a chest that is rewarded upon the completion of a Shadow Colosseum, a special dungeon available only in the Uber-8 and Uber-9 Shores of the Everdark worlds. Upon opening the chest, players will be rewarded with a Class Gem corresponding to the currently equipped class.

See upgrading gems for more information regarding gems, and their power rank levels.