Power Seal Box
Power Seal Box
Category Lootbox
Type Ring
Item ID
Contains a ring that grants Physical Damage and an additional random stat. Place on action bar and throw it to open.
— Item Description

Power Spiral Boxes are throwable items that can be crafted at the Ringcrafting Bench.

When thrown, they will drop a Radiant level 1 through Radiant level 5 ring with a first stat of Physical Damage.


Power Seal Boxes are crafted in the Lord of the Rings section of the Ringcrafting Bench, and require a Ringcrafting skill of 250.

Crafting Station
Ringcrafting Bench small Ringcrafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Celestial Diamond small

Celestial Diamond 1
Forged Radiant Soul small

Forged Radiant Soul 2
Formicite Ore small

Formicite Ore 25
Power Seal Box small Power Seal Box 1
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