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Princey McEvilface

Princey McEvilface


Princey McEvilface ingame
Mount combined with the Wings of the Dark Pegasus.

Princey McEvilface Stomp
Mount after typing /stomp.

Category Mount
Type Pegasus
Group Contests
Stat 1 90 Movement Speed
Item ID
A sneer will draw them near.
— Item Tooltip

Princey Mcevilface is a special Pegasus mount that can be obtained by participating in the Leaderboard Contests. This mount can only be obtained as a very rare drop from Dark Chaos Vaults which are rewarded to players who are in the top 25 on the Power Ranking Leaderboard Contest.

Unlike the war horse counterparts, this mount can fly and show off the player's currently equipped wings (likely to be paired with the Wings of the Dark Pegasus). This mount also has a special command to activate a special animation for players riding this mount (typing "/stomp").

Because they are account locked, they are unable to be bought, sold, or traded. This item will have to be learned or Loot Collected into a Golden Chaos Chest.

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