Prowling Shadow
Prowling Shadow
Category Ally
Type Cat
Rarity Rarity shadow
Stat 1 +5 Movement Speed
Stat 2 +2.2% Lifesteal
Item ID
A shadowy, cat-like entity that appears to be following you for unknown reasons.
Gain 2.2% health each time you damage an enemy
— Item Tooltip

The Prowling Shadow is a rare ally obtained from opening Cat Soultraps.

The 2.2% Lifesteal that the prowling shadow gives you is most effective when using classes with "large" basic attacks (such as the Knight, Dracolyte, Candy Barbarian, etc.), for they can attack multiple enemies at the same time, recovering more health.

Warning: The stat will not be shown if you hover your cursor over the item, it will only be shown after you use the item.

The Prowling Shadow is one of only two alliies in the game that can give 2.2% Lifesteal, the other ally being Samantha (Gives +3 Jump and +13 Superstition, in comparison to the Prowling Shadow's +5 movement speed)

-Keep in mind that this ally recovers 2.2% of your Maximum Health on each attack, meaning that the amount you recover is based on the amount of total health you have, and not on the amount of damage you deal.

A way to increase the ammount of health gained each second is to get more attack speed on most classes. (e.g., The Dracolyte will always have an attack speed of 4/s, and get 8.8% of their health back per second.)

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